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Mini Tennis Skirt


Only 10 pieces available . Its mini skirts for woman to use in tennis play . There is built in inner tight to protect body . The image shown is not actual product , there can be 20 % variation from actual image .

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A tennis skirt is an athletic skirt made out of breathable, lightweight materials to maximize a tennis player’s comfort and flexibility on the tennis court . There is a tight included of lycra material for girls .

The main difference between golf skirts and tennis skirts has to do with the overall length of each. As a general rule, golf skirts are a bit longer than tennis skirts. Most golf skirts are between 14 to 20 inches while most tennis skirts are 12 to 15 inches.

Skorts are popular in sports such as field hockey, tennis, golf, ten-pin bowling and camogie, and are often part of girls’ athletic uniforms.

Weight 0.25 kg
Cloth Type

Super Poly




Navy Green


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