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  • Cotton Bermuda Fabric Manufacturer from Kerala



    This kind of cloth is a strong cotton fabric made using a twill weave, which creates a subtle diagonal ribbing pattern. The cotton twill fabric is warp-facing, meaning that the weft threads go under two or more warp threads, and the warp yarns are more prominent on the right side. This is a long lasting material , durable , can be used rough usage .

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  • Cotton Mask


    Cloth face mask fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure. Any used cotton cloth including old cotton vest or t-shirt can be used to make this mask. The colour of the mask does not matter.

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  • Flags


    This is a Custom Product , Prize varies as per Order  ,  We can create banners with basic cloth plain polyester . The designs are from your side . So Contact us for further details . Better to contact us through mail ID , whatzaap , or make a call . 

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  • Lower Grindal Type


    Grindal fabric is mostly used in the hot climates . Because its so comfort to use in high humidity environments . No sweating will feel . Mostly these cloths are used where high sweating is effected . Can be used as track pants . We have very less in stock because its very rare to avail .

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  • Lower Imported


    Imported cloths are used of especially merchandise brought from a foreign source.. The quality and stuff will be in high class .

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  • Shorts Imported


    Imported high quality licra shorts with 2 pockets and zibs . Its so suitable to wear in all weather conditions . Feel so cooling . Its a kind of elastic type . So will be give a body fit condition . Have a try !!!

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